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What is a "knowledge cluster"? SAPPORO IT CARROZZERIA CONCEPTION
What is a knowledge cluster?

What is a "knowledge cluster"?
In the 2nd Science and Technology Basic Plan, established by the Cabinet in March 2001, emphasis was placed on promoting the creation of "Knowledge Clusters" in different regions of Japan.

A knowledge cluster is a technological innovation system formed through local initiative. At the center of the cluster are a unique R&D topic for the area, and core public research institutions (like Universities) with high research potential. The system also involves the participation of corporations and other groups from both inside and outside the region.

More specifically, the project forms human networks and joint research organizations to promote beneficial feedback between the "seeds" of innovative technology possessed by public research organizations and other groups forming the core, and corporate needs for practicality. This creates a chain reaction of technical innovation, which eventually results in the creation of new industries. By expanding the regions which have this sort of system, we can achieve world-class technical innovation.

At the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), we have been implementing a "Knowledge Cluster Initiative" since 2002, with the aim of creating these "Knowledge Clusters" and thereby stimulating regional economies.

Overview of the Knowledge Cluster Initiative
1. Purpose
The purpose of this project is to achieve a concentration of knowledge (Knowledge Cluster) while stressing the initiative of local government. Such clusters will enable internationally competitive technological innovation by relevant research organizations and R&D-based corporations, around the core of universities and public research organizations which serve as the base of knowledge creation.
2. Budgetary measures
* 2004 government budget: 9 billion yen (2003 budget: 6.9 billion yen)
* The scale of the project is roughly 500 million yen per year for each region, over five years.
* Support for the core organizations (science and technology foundations etc.) designated by local governments to be in charge of implementing each project.

Implementing regions
Implementing regions
Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology(NOASTEC)
Knowledge Cluster Headquarters
KORABO Hokkaido., 12 Kita 21 Jonishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 001-0021 JAPAN
TEL: 011-708-6525   FAX: 011-708-6529